Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Work

"Synagogue S.F."  36" x 24"  Available  
"Bianca in Sand"  40" x 30"  Commissioned Portrait
"Mazalit and the Kite"  30" x 40"  Commissioned Portrait
"Born to Ride"  30" x 40"  Commissioned Portrait
Working with Selena and the '73 Charger
"Hot Wheels" 30" x 40"  Available  
 "Flippin' Balls"  34" x 28"  Available  
 "The Rose"  34" x 18"  Available  

"Church" in progress

 "Church"   24" x 28"  Sold

"Life and Death" in progress
 "Life and Death"  26" x 34"  Available  
 "The Glass"  Commissioned Portrait
 "Flower Garden"  Commissioned Painting
"Vegetable Garden"  Commissioned Painting
At the Oregon Country Fair 2012
"Rebo Gazebo, Oregon Country Fair"  36" x 36" Sold
 "School Centennial"  Commissioned Painting
"Heaven" Commissioned Painting

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