Monday, September 27, 2010

Painting in NYC

Photograph of me painting on location by Claudio Abreu

"Delmonico's" 30" x 36"  Sold

"New York Stock Exchange"  32" x 26"  Sold

"Watching over Wall Street"  34" x 24" Available  

"Bowling Green"  26" x 18"  Sold 

"On Broadway"  34" x 38"  Sold

Sunday, July 11, 2010


"Impala" 14" x 30" Sold (commissioned car portraits available)

"72' Mustang"  30" x 40"  Commission

Saturday, April 3, 2010


"Five O'clock Shadows"  30" x 30" Sold 

"Golden Dragon, Emerald Sky" 40" x 18" oil/canvas Sold

"Iris' in Spring" 18"x24" Sold

"The Corner of 2nd and 2nd" 40"x30" Sold

"The Color of Stewart and 3rd" 18"x24" Sold

"Fremont Bridge" 24"x36" Sold

"In the Alley" 24"x36" Sold

"Burke Gilman Detour" 18"x24" Sold

"Safeco Field"  28" x 34"  Sold

More Cityscapes

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Still Life Paintings

Fun, whimsical, elegant.
Still-life paintings by Ethan Jack Harrington.
           "Spring Blossoms" 36" x 48" Sold           

"Bourbon in Bloom" 2008 Sold

"Tools of the Trade" 2006 Sold

"Racing Through the Kitchen" 2007 Sold

"Rose Shoes." 2007 Sold

"Winter Song" 2006 Sold

"Bartender's Special" 2007 Sold

"Feast"  42" x 28"  Sold
To commission a painting with a similar theme contact me at

"Domestic Bliss" 2008 Sold

"Another Feast" 2007 Sold

"Horn and Martinis" 2006 Sold

"Horn and Oranges" 2007 Sold

"Daily Special"  33" x 23"  Oval Frame  Sold

"A Fish Story"  42" x 34"  Sold

More Still Life Paintings
and more

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Plein Air Painting in Mazatlan Mexico

I spent 10 days plein air painting in Mazatlan during the month of February. I was lucky enough to be staying at a place that had an amazing private rooftop deck. Excellent for painting and relaxing!
Please email me at with any inquiries regarding these paintings. 
Thank you!

"Ghost Resort" 28" x 28" Available

 "Margarita Perch" 30" x 46" Sold

"Mexican Sunset" 16" x 22" Sold

"Surf Watch" 26" x 16" Available

Friday, January 1, 2010

Paris Paintings Winter 2009

I took a mid-December painting trip to Paris for 9 days and returned with 11 paintings!  Nine of the paintings can be viewed below. 
To see available paintings in person, email me at

A short video journal of the time I spent in Paris
"The Colorful Adventures of Easel E - Paris":

"Paris Metro Station" 2009 36" x 21" Sold

 "Eiffel Tower View" 2009 36" x 21" Sold

"Arc du Triomphe" 2006 18" x 25" Commission

"Pompidou Center" 2009 30" x 44" Commission

"The Louvre at Night" 2009   21" x 36" Sold

"Paris Snow"  2009   21" x 16" Sold

"Hotel du Louvre" 2009 18" x 25" Sold

"Fountain in Snow" 2009 21" x 18" Sold
"Laduree Patisserie" 2009 21" x 16" Commission

See paintings from my trip to Southeast Asia