Friday, September 26, 2008

The Asia Collection 2008 - by Ethan Jack Harrington, EJAK

Six weeks in Asia resulted in 12 vibrant pantings by Ethan Jack Harrington!
The following paintings were all painted on location in May and June 2008 on sidewalks, in temple courtyards, restaurant balconies and sandy beaches of Asia. Images below represent the complete series created in
Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.
The paintings are oil on canvas, framed, and available for purchase.

"20 Cent Bia Hoi" Asia Collection 2008
Hoi An, Vietnam Sold

"The Lion of Buddha" Asia Collection 2008 Private Collection
Chiang Mai, Thailand NFS

"Scoot Through Hanoi" Asia Collection 2008 Sold
Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam

"Stop in Laos" Asia Collection 2008
Mekong River, Luang Prabang, Laos Sold

"Donald Duck's Vacation" Asia Collection 2008 Sold
Chiang Mai, Thailand (yes, Donald was really there)

"The Guardian" Asia Collection 2008  28" x 36" Available  
Wat Tat, Luang Prabang, Laos

"Japanese Covered Bridge" Asia Collection 2008 Sold
Hoi An, Vietnam

"Silk Lanterns at Night" Asia Collection 2008 Sold
Hoi An, Vietnam

"China Beach" Asia Collection 2008 Sold
Hoi An, Vietnam

"Cantonese Influence" Asia Collection 2008 Hoi An, Vietnam Sold

"Enlightenment" Asia Collection 2008 Sold
Chiang Mai, Thailand

"Tuned In to Laos" Asia Collection 2008  22" x 22"  Sold
Luang Prabang residential alley, Laos

Available Artwork by Ethan Jack Harrington, EJAK

Ethan Jack Harrington cityscapes and still-lifes available for purchase.
Contact Ethan at for pricing and other information.

"The Great Escape" 35"x30" 2007 Sold

"Night Parking" 34"x42" 2007 Sold
3rd and Stewart, Downtown Seattle

"Caviar" 16"x16" 2007 Sold

"Odd Egg" 20"x32" 2007 SOLD

"Hastings Building" 2008 Sold
Hastings Building, Port Townsend, WA

"The Rialto" 30"x35" 2008 
Historic Rialto Theater, Downtown Tacoma, WA

"12th and Madison" 34"x24" 2007 Sold
12th and Madison, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

"Central District Stroll" 26"x36" 2007 Sold
Central District, Seattle, WA

"...with the fishes" 32"x22" 2007 Sold
Painted in an International District Alley, Seattle, WA

"Mazatlan Morning" 26"x16" 2008 Sold (Oil on Board)
Mazatlan, Mexico

"Belltown Afternoon" 20"x34" 2006 Sold
1st Ave. and Bell, Seattle, WA

"Blue Wrecker" 18"x24" 2007 Sold
Ephrata/Soap Lake, WA

"Emerald Bay" 20"x30" 2008 SOLD
Mazatlan, Mexico

"Fall Arrangement" 28"x28" 2007 Sold

"The Finer Things" 25"x25" 2008 Sold

Recent Cityscapes by Ethan Jack Harrington, EJAK

Cityscapes of Seattle, Tacoma and beyond by Seattle painter
Ethan Jack Harrington.

"University Street" 2007 Sold
Painted on 2nd and University, Seattle, WA

"Stepping Up" 2007 Sold
Painted next to the Harbor Steps, 1st and University, Seattle, WA

"Broadway" 2008 Downtown Tacoma, WA  Sold

"History and Industry" 2008   Sold
Downtown Tacoma, WA

"Yesler View" 2007 Sold
Yesler Way, Seattle, WA

"Pioneer Square" 2006 Sold
Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA

"Public Market" 2007 Commission
Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA

"Smith Tower, Call Waiting" 2006 Sold
Occidental Park, Seattle, WA

"Ballard Avenue" 2007 Sold
Old Ballard, Seattle, WA

"Madison Stroll" 2006 Sold
Madison Park, Seattle, WA

"Steam" 2007 Sold
Cherry St. Swedish Hospital, Seattle, WA

"Together and Apart" (Left side of Diptych) 2007 Sold
Totem Statues in Occidental Park, Seattle, WA

"Urban League" 2007 Sold
14th and Yesler, Seattle, WA

"King Street Station" 2007 Sold
3rd and Yesler, Seattle, WA

"Night Needle" 2006 Sold
Space Needle, Seattle, WA

"Night Mission" 2006 Sold
Union Gospel Mission, Seattle, WA

"Nickerson St. Saloon" 2006 Sold
Nickerson St. and Westlake, Seattle, WA

"Pergola" 2006 Sold
Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA

"606 Post" 2007 Commission
Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA

"Down Fifth" 2006 Sold
Fifth Ave. at Westin Hotel, Seattle, WA

"Early Spring Shadows" 2006 Sold
3rd and Stewart at Macy's, Seattle, WA

"Golden Hour" 2005 Sold

"Langston Hughes Art Center" 2007 Sold
Yestler Way, Seattle, WA

"Brooklyn Stoops" 2006 Sold
Brooklyn, New York City

"Brooklyn Bridge" 2006 Sold
Brooklyn, New York City

"New York City Nights" 2006 Sold
Empire State Building, New York City