Sunday, March 22, 2009

Paintings from Puerto Vallarta and Whistler

Recent trips to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Whistler, B.C. in March 2009 resulted in four new paintings by Ethan Jack Harrington. Each was painted on location, plein-air style. Please email Ethan at with any questions!

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"Our Lady of Guadelupe Cathedral, Puerto Vallarta" 24"x40" 2009 Sold
Painted on the corner of Iturbide and Matamoros, P.V., Mexico.

"Heartbeat of the City, Puerto Vallarta" 34"x40" 2009 Sold
Our Lady of Guadelupe Cathedral, Old Town P.V., Mexico

"Beachcation" 24"x40" 2009 Sold
A beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"Apre Ski at The Dublin Gate" 30"x40" (approx.) 2009 Commission
Whistler Village, Whistler, B.C.

Figure Paintings

New figure paintings by Ethan Jack Harrington. Please email at for more information.

"Lipstick"  30" x 40"  Commissioned Portrait

"Unadorned" 40" x 30" 2009 Available  

"Pulp Fiction" 34"x28" 2009 Sold  

"Another Morning" 36"x48" 2009 Sold

"Waxing Poetic in Whistler" 30"x30" 2009 Sold

"Toby" 10" x 10" 2009 N.F.S.
Pet portraits available by commission