Friday, November 2, 2012

More Paintings!

Please contact me at with all commission requests & inquiries.
Thank you! 

Commissioned Portrait   12" x 16"

"Winter Still"  16" x 20"  Framed  Available  

"Altar" 28" x 34" Available  
I was sitting around my studio wondering what to paint next when it hit me;  this is what the world needs!

"Fury" 24" x 36"  Available  

The Making of "Fury"

"Along the Willamette" 25" x 34"
There is a path here that goes along the river.  I'm excited to keep traveling down the path and discover more views to paint!

 "When the Going Gets Weird" 20" x 16"
I've got these awesome silver fangs & I'm looking forward to painting a portrait of a model sporting them in a vampire-ish way..  Until then, I've got this skull!

 "Cannon Beach Study"  16" x 20"
My model/friend invited me along on a trip to the beach.  Just a little over an hour away!  The surf was swallowing my easel.   Sold

 Portrait in Progress.

"She Waits"  36" x 24"
I found this gal willing to pose for paintings in Portland.  She's gorgeous, fun and dependable.  I've got a few different painting projects in the works with her.

"Roses"  32" x 20"  Sold

Commissioned Pet Portrait  18" x 24"

"The Comet, Seattle"  20" x 16" Available  

"Luna's Dream"  36" x 24" Commissioned Portrait

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


contact me:  206.902.8439

"The Croc"  18" x 24"  Sold

"Four Queens, Fremont Experience, Las Vegas!"  This may be the only plein air painting you will ever see from this far inside of the Fremont Street Experience.  They were on me pretty quick for appearing to be 'selling' when all I was doing was painting.  I guess they regulate that stuff pretty closely.  They don't  however, regulate the hustlers, drug dealers or prostitutes so it's sure to be a good time if you go.
 20" x 36" Sold

"The Watcher"  George Washington..  Making sure everything stays cool on Wall Street"
34" x 24"  Sold   
"Ghost Resort"  Hurricane winds and rough finances shut down that place to the left in Puerto Vallarta.. but somebody was over there playing the horn.
28" x 28"  Available  

"Whiskey Woman"  My model for this is a friend and a good looking, talented Burlesque performer as well.
40" x 30"  Sold

"Bowling Green, NYC" People who work in finance would come here for some respite.  Tourists were here too.  I talked to a good looking lady about her first day on the Wall Street Trading Floor.  The easel is power.
26" x 18"  Sold

"Island Life"  Fox Island Wa.  This place was as relaxing and pretty as I hope I captured here.  There were a group of silver haired gals in the next house over who took an interest in me.  We ended up drinking together, making smores & then I sold them a painting.
24" x 36" Sold  

"Old Vegas"  This is where the real action is.  I gravitate towards trouble sometimes.  I sent a guy who was asking me for money to the store for a couple of beers and he came back with Earthquakes.  Have you ever had one of those?  They will mess you up.
20" x 30"  Available  

"Paris in Vegas" I wanted to paint pictures of all the fun stuff in Vegas & sell them to the people who were throwing their money around like crazy.  Didn't happen.  There were a lot of 'aerosol artists' who paint those planets & stuff who were selling.  There were also a lot of portrait artists who would do quick sketches of folks.  I do have respect for that.  Talk about pressure.
16" x 20"  Available    

"Fall"  View from the park on the Magnolia side of the Magnolia Bridge in Seattle.  I got rained on to create this painting for your living room.  You are welcome.
30" x 30"  Sold

 "Bisbee Rooftops" If you've never been to Bisbee, Arizona I'd say "put it on your list".  It's interesting.
16" x 23" Available  

 "Drai's, Las Vegas" I don't love Las Vegas but I do love all of the fun architectural stuff.  I heard that Drai's was a good spot to get a drink if you worked in Vegas.
16" x 20"  Available  

 "Bus Station"  Clarksdale, Mississippi.  Imagine all of your favorite blues artists from the olden days arriving and departing from here  ..because they probably did at some point.
18" x 24"  Available   

 "Kite Hill"  Gasworks Park in Seattle.  I would have painted the view from the top but that's a long way up.
18" x 24"  Sold

 "The Guardian" I painted this in Laos.  That makes it exotic.  The red sky represents how hot it was and how my shoulders and neck looked afterword.
28" x 36"  Available  

 "Up California Street"  San Francisco.  Love it.  I could easily spend a year just painting views and buildings on this one street.  When I can finally afford my own apartment there, I will.
18" x 24" Sold

 "Dry Boat"  I love the feeling of potential here.  I could get in that boat & really go places   ..or I could just paint a picture of it.
24" x 18" Available   

"Staying Over"  This was a fun picture to paint.  That is all.
26" x 26"  Sold

 "Seattle at Work"
I had the best time painting this.  Serious chillin' was involved.  As seen on YouTube
28" x 48" Sold

 "Delta Hardware"  I loved painting around Clarksdale, MS.  There I was, under the shade of a tree talking to Razorblade and a couple of British tourists & it hardly seemed surreal at all.
24" x 36"  Sold

"Faded Glory"  This is an old disused theater in Clarksdale, MS.  Three words; Giant Jumping Spiders.
24" x 36"  Available  Sold

 "Margarita Perch"  This was a pretty nice spot to enjoy the Puerto Vallarta vacation.
30" x 46"  Sold

"Behind the Copper Queen"  It was hot.
16" x 22"  Sold

 "Bisbee Industry"  20" x 16"   Sold

"Cactus"  16" x 20"  Sold

"Hibernia Bank"  San Francisco.   Somebody told me I should paint Patty Hearst running out of the bank with her machine gun.  I looked it up though;  right bank, wrong branch.  I saw plenty of other nefarious stuff going on in the neighborhood though.
30" x 40"  Sold  

"Spring Still"  These were gorgeous and buried out of sight under some other plants outdoors.  I liberated and immortalized them.
24" x 18"  Sold 

"Irises" Painted in Clarksdale, Mississippi.   These were pretty!
48" x 34" Sold

 "Delta Cinema"  18" x 24"  Available   

"Jackson meets King"  34" x 48"  Sold

 "Mt. Rainier in View"  30" x 40" Sold

"Lover's Embrace"  36" x 36"  Sold 

"Rainier Club"  18" x 20"  Available   

"The Old Tree"  Oxford, Mississippi  18" x 36" Available  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Work

"Synagogue S.F."  36" x 24"  Available  
"Bianca in Sand"  40" x 30"  Commissioned Portrait
"Mazalit and the Kite"  30" x 40"  Commissioned Portrait
"Born to Ride"  30" x 40"  Commissioned Portrait
Working with Selena and the '73 Charger
"Hot Wheels" 30" x 40"  Available  
 "Flippin' Balls"  34" x 28"  Available  
 "The Rose"  34" x 18"  Available  

"Church" in progress

 "Church"   24" x 28"  Sold

"Life and Death" in progress
 "Life and Death"  26" x 34"  Available  
 "The Glass"  Commissioned Portrait
 "Flower Garden"  Commissioned Painting
"Vegetable Garden"  Commissioned Painting
At the Oregon Country Fair 2012
"Rebo Gazebo, Oregon Country Fair"  36" x 36" Sold
 "School Centennial"  Commissioned Painting
"Heaven" Commissioned Painting