Friday, November 2, 2012

More Paintings!

Please contact me at with all commission requests & inquiries.
Thank you! 

Commissioned Portrait   12" x 16"

"Winter Still"  16" x 20"  Framed  Available  

"Altar" 28" x 34" Available  
I was sitting around my studio wondering what to paint next when it hit me;  this is what the world needs!

"Fury" 24" x 36"  Available  

The Making of "Fury"

"Along the Willamette" 25" x 34"
There is a path here that goes along the river.  I'm excited to keep traveling down the path and discover more views to paint!

 "When the Going Gets Weird" 20" x 16"
I've got these awesome silver fangs & I'm looking forward to painting a portrait of a model sporting them in a vampire-ish way..  Until then, I've got this skull!

 "Cannon Beach Study"  16" x 20"
My model/friend invited me along on a trip to the beach.  Just a little over an hour away!  The surf was swallowing my easel.   Sold

 Portrait in Progress.

"She Waits"  36" x 24"
I found this gal willing to pose for paintings in Portland.  She's gorgeous, fun and dependable.  I've got a few different painting projects in the works with her.

"Roses"  32" x 20"  Sold

Commissioned Pet Portrait  18" x 24"

"The Comet, Seattle"  20" x 16" Available  

"Luna's Dream"  36" x 24" Commissioned Portrait