Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fun with Wine

Recent wine-centric paintings. Please email Ethan at for questions regarding these or other paintings.

"The Morning After" 38"x60" 2009 Sold

"Primary School" 42"x36" 2008 SOLD! - featured on the cover of the Nov./Dec. issue of Wino Magazine.

"Fish Bowl" 46"x34" 2008 SOLD!

"Sunset Feast" 18"x50" 2008 SOLD!

"Distractions" 40"x18" 2008 SOLD!

"Girls Night Out" 20"x18" 2008 SOLD

"Decadence" 10"x8" 2008 Sold

"Vice" 10"x8" 2008 Sold

"Pairing" 20"x32" 2007 Sold