Sunday, January 23, 2011

Recent Paintings

Here are some paintings.

"The Needle"  28" x 36"  Available  

"Market Sunset"  34" x 38"  Sold

"In the Garden"  28" x 38"  Sold  

"The Flamingo"  16" x 25"  oil/canvas  Sold

"Vegas" 16" x 20" oil/canvas  Available   

"Brass Cobras"  14" x 11" each  Sold
please email for price

"Morning Coffee Monster" 40" x 30" oil/canvas  Sold

 "Cage"   Sold

 "Fishes"  Sold

"Used Tires Service and Repair" Sold

"Ascending Paris"  Sold

"Guadelupe Cathedral, Puerto Vallarta"  Sold

"The Typist"  26" x 22" Available   

"Hurt"  28" x 24" Sold  

"Reaching Out"  30" x 24"  Sold  

"Wrench" 30" x 40"  Sold  

 "Tacoma"  Sold

 "Eastern WA"  Sold

 "Strategy"  Sold

"63"  Sold

 "Beachcation"  Sold

 "Detour"  Sold

 "Jackson Shadows" 18" x 24" Sold  

 "Smith Tower"  Sold

 "Under King Street" 30" x 40"  Sold  

 "Paris in Snow"  Sold

 "Laguna Pottery, Pioneer Square"  30" x 40" Sold

 "Wooden Boat"  Sold

 "Champagne"  38" x 48"   Sold   

 "Wine for Two"   Sold

"Cocktail Fixins" Sold

 "Good Morning, Pioneer Square"  24" x 18"  Sold 

 "Wine & Fishes"  Sold

"Sunset over Pioneer Square" Sold

 "12th & Madison"  Sold

 "Kite Hill"  18" x 24"   Sold

 "Olympia Rose Garden"  Sold

"Seattle Snow"  Sold

 "19th & Dearborn"  Sold


Tim said...

You are a wonderful Artist Thank you!

eric and carol said...

I am blown away. Wish I would have seen this sooner, so we could be there tonight